EXCLUSIVE: Kind Founders Reveal How They’re Building A Better Web3 For Creators, Gamers And Communities

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In an engaging conversation, Osito Lima and Zio, the masterminds behind Kind, revealed toBenzinga the inner workings and ambitious scope of their project. Kind isn't just another agency; it's a Web3 content creator powerhouse based in Latin America, managing over 100 creators across the globe. The duo delved into the essence of Kind, touching on their own transformative journeys into the Web3 realm, their allies in the industry, and their take on the rapidly changing world of Web3 gaming.

Kind: More Than an Agency, A Family

Starting as a scholarship initiative within the Axie Infinity AXS/USD ecosystem in 2021, Kind has rapidly evolved into a beacon of support, freedom, and community for Web3 creators globally. Lima passionately described Kind as "the dream that we can all evolve together," emphasizing the agency's dedication to a supportive environment devoid of racism and bullying.

Kind's mission is to nourish and accelerate creators' careers, offering them a stress-free home to grow, evolve, and make meaningful connections.

Unlike traditional Web2 agencies, Kind doesn't dictate what creators should say or do; instead, it respects their freedom and creativity. "We just want them to flourish and be happy with what they are constantly creating," Lima explained. This philosophy extends to their support for Web3 games through organic campaigns designed to onboard new users, showcasing the future of the industry through the eyes of its best creators.

This unique approach extends beyond content creation to include investments and strategic partnerships in the gaming sector, robust community engagement, and even language translation services, reflecting Kind's mission to break down barriers and unify creators worldwide.

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The narrative of Kind is deeply intertwined with the personal stories of its founders. Zio, a former Navy officer in Peru and systems engineer, found his calling in Web3 and blockchain technology through his passion for video games. His early fascination with Axie Infinity as a blend of gaming and blockchain innovation marked the beginning of Kind. Lima, has a strong background in content creationwith more than 15 Million followers across all platforms. With Kind his community creation skills scale up to a whole new level. Additionally, Lima isRonin's RON/USD global embassadorand Co-Fonder of Peru Blockchain Conference. Their journeys reflect Kind's mission: to empower individuals and communities through Web3 technology.

A Deep Dive into Favorite Web3 Games

When it comes to gaming, the founders of Kind have their favorites. Zio's love for strategy and interactive gameplay shines through his admiration for Axie Infinity, Pixels PIXEL/USD , and Apeiron APRS/USD . He particularly highlighted Apeiron as the next big e-sport in Web3, drawing parallels with the immersive experience of Dota 2. Additionally, Wild Forest caught his interest, for strategy enthusiasts who relish focused gameplay. These games represent the vibrant diversity of the Web3 gaming landscape, resonating with Kind's ethos of innovation and community.

Lima and Zio also expressed their admiration for the CyberKongz community, citing it as a source of inspiration. "We aim to be like them," Lima said, praising the community's respect and cohesion.

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Envisioning the Future

The future of Kind is firmly rooted in its community of creators. "The future of Kind is Kind Creators. Without the creators, we're nothing," emphasized Lima. This creator-first approach is driving Kind towards enhancing its educational programs, expanding its team, and exploring new revenue avenues for creators. The agency's long-term ambition is to foster a global community where kindness and creativity lead to mutual growth and success.

As Kind strides forward, its mission remains clear: to harness the transformative power of Web3 for the benefit of creators, gamers, and communities worldwide.

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