Bitcoin analysts eye crucial levels to hold after BTC price almost hits $45K, Ethereum $3K

Bitcoin (BTC) checked its latest gains at the Wall Street open on Mar. 1 as bulls sought to defend $44,000 highs. 

BTC weekly gains hit 17%

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView followed BTC/USD as it declined from its local peak of $44,980 on Bitstamp at the opening bell.

The second day of trading with armed conflict in Europe as its background, Tuesday continued a surprisingly cool phase for U.S. equities, with only oil showing the knock-on effects of the Ukrainian war.

Bitcoin, by contrast, held onto the majority of its advances, which had been rekindled in earnest Monday. Versus the same time a week ago, BTC/USD was up 17% at the time of writing.

“$44k has been tested a million times, wouldn’t wanna be caught shorting that,” popular Twitter account DonAlt summarized as part of a post about low timeframes.

“$40k good support if we should get a surprise dip.”

Bitcoin thus improved its image as a potential safe haven in times of strife, reversing initial losses as the Ukraine situation began to unfold late last week.

“Bitcoin is proving itself as a safe haven in times of global uncertainty. It has outperformed every other asset class by orders of magnitude since the Ukraine invasion,” Charles Edwards, founder of crypto fund Capiole declared.

At the time of writing, BTC/USD was declining towards the $43,600 zone fellow analyst Nebraskan Gooner had previously highlighted as a necessary zone to hold for the daily close.

Smaller crypto wallets begin sweeping record highs

Activity related to Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) wallets in particular meanwhile continued to grow.

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According to data from on-chain analytics firm Glassnode, smaller ETH addresses holding at least 0.01 ETH and BTC addresses 0.1 BTC both reached all-time highs.

There were 21.9 million 0.01 ETH wallets and 3.35 million 0.1 BTC wallets detected as of Tuesday.

ETH/USD returned to $3,000 on the day — a two-week high.

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