Dogecoin founder speaks out against ‘meme coins’

Seemingly frustrated by the amount of ‘meme coin’ spammers flooding his Twitter threads, Billy Markus, the founder of the Dogecoin (DOGE), blasted the crypto shillers through a series of tweets.  

Markus recounts how DOGE was originally created more than eight years ago as a true meme that pokes fun at “idiotic coins.” However, the creator points out that today’s meme coins are not memes anymore. “They’re made by people trying to get rich off of other people trying to get rich,” wrote Markus.

Markus continued his tirade by bringing up Binance Smart Chain tokens. According to him, these cryptos have “made the internet worse in every way.” He also underscored that he doesn’t care if people want to gamble, but pleaded to keep the spam ads out of his threads. Lastly, he noted that these token ads “make the internet less fun.”

Many of his more than one million Twitter followers saw the tweets and echoed Markus’ frustrations. Twitter user Tuanskiii1 describes the spam ads as “sickening.”

While the DOGE creator made his points very clear, it didn’t stop meme coin spammers from flooding the thread with more meme coin advertisements.

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Dogecoin started to rank within the top 10 cryptos by market capitalization back in January 2021. At the time of writing, DOGE is trading at $0.11 per token, retaining its spot as the top nine cryptos by market capitalization despite being down 17% on the day, according to Cointelegraph Markets Pro.

In a recent discussion of meme coins, one of Cointelegraph’s experts picked DOGE as a token that may give a good return of investment in 2022, citing notable backers Elon Musk and Mark Cuban.

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